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Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium

Investigator-Led International Research Studies Supported by the INC Network

  • Active (ongoing or in planning) at March 2022. Videos date from June 2021.
  • We do not list single-country studies, or clinical research studies sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, although many INC members are participating in these. The most up-to-date list is at https://clinicaltrials.gov/
  • A summary of active clinical research trials in inflammatory neuropathy, aimed at patients, is given at Current Clinical Trials – GBS/CIDP Foundation International

IGOS  (International GBS Outcome Study)

Bart Jacobs (NL) et al.

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This has been an enormous effort involving 144 centers and 18 countries. In May 2021, the aimed number of 2000 inclusions was reached. Follow-up from previously included patients will continue until the last (3 year) follow-up visit of the last enrolled patients (May 2024).

The IGOS research program consists of 34 research projects in five different research domains: clinical, laboratory, prognostic, electrophysiological and treatment studies. Six studies have already been published, 6 have been submitted, 6 papers are in preparation and the data of 5 projects are currently being analysed.

The IGOS Consortium will continue to conduct further studies, including on genetics, pharmacokinetics, proteomics, outcome measures and new treatments.  A protocol for IGOS 2.0 is in development, which will focus on new research questions.

IMAGiNe (IgM Anti-MAG Peripheral Neuropathy: From Proper Assessment to Trial Needs)

Tatiana Hamadeh, Ingemar Merkies, Catharina Farber, Nicolette Notermans (NL).

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Prospective observational study including registry, biobanking and development of a disease specific Rasch-built patient-reported outcome measure (IgM anti-MAG paraproteinemic neuropathy: from proper assessment to trial needs).

Currently, 181 patients are included (from centers inNetherlands, USA, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Denmark) and ethical board approvals are pend-ing for other centers that have agreed to participate.


Filip Etimov (NL), Luis Querol (ES)

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International registry and biobank for CIDP. 

OPTIC Trial: Optimal Induction Treatment in CIDP

Filip Etimoc (NL) and Mike Lunn (UK)

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IVIg+placebo versus IVIg+methylprednisolone. 

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