TNC Board


Guido Cavaletti, MD,
University of Milano-Bicocco,
Monza (I), Milan, Italy (2020 - 2023)


Vice Chair

Ahmet Hoke, MD PhD,
Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, MD, USA (2020-2023)


Susanna Park, PhD,
University of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia (2020-2023)

Board Members

Andreas A. Argyriou, MD, DSc,
Saint Andrew's General Hospital,
Patras, Greece (2018-2022)

Ellen M. Smith, PhD, MSN, AOCN©, FAAN,
University of Michigan School of Nursing,
Ann Arbor, MI, USA (2018-2022)

Sandra Rieger, PhD,
University of Miami,
Miami, FL, USA (2018-2022)

Chiara Briani, MD,
University Padova,
Padova, Italy (2020-2022) 

Nathan P. Staff, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic,
Rochester, MN, USA (2020-2022) 

Junior Committee Representatives

Paola Alberti, MD, PhD
University of Milano-Bicocca,
Milan, Italy (2021-2023)


Tiffany Li, PhD Candidate, MBiostat, BSc
The University of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia (2021-2023) 


Click here to view the TNC Nominations Process.


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