Thank you for attending the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting!

2019 PNS Annual Meeting Photos 
Click on the links below to view pictures from the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting in Genoa, Italy.

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“The 2018 PNS Annual Meeting is to the peripheral neurologist what the town hall is to a town's citizens. It is a gathering of everything peripheral nerve extraordinaire."

— 2018 PNS Annual Meeting Delegate


Q1: My poster has been accepted. Where can I find additional information? 
A1: Please click here to view abstract presentation rules, guidelines and stand by times for your poster and presentation information. The full abstract supplement will be posted here once available. 

Q2: I am a Junior PNS Member who is planning on submitting an Abstract for the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting. How do I register?
A2:: Coupon codes have been sent to all Junior Members presenting an Abstract at the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting. 

Q3: How do I become a member of the PNS?
A3: Please click here to complete the PNS Membership Application.

Q4: I am interested in becoming an Exhibitor or Sponsor. Where can I find more information? 
A4: Please click here to view the 2019 Prospectus. To sign up, click here.

Q5: How can I register for the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting in Genoa, Italy? 
A5: Registration is open! Please click here to register by the early bird deadline of 1 June. 

Q6: What are the Prizes and the Prize Requirements offered at the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting?
A6: Each year the PNS provides seven named prizes to PNS Junior members (40 years of age or under). The award is $750 for best abstracts as a tribute to luminaries in our field.
1. Richard P. Bunge: Abstracts involving Biology of Nerve
2. Arthur K. Asbury: GBS/CIDP/Inflammatory Neuropathy
3. Peter J Dyck: Diabetes and clinical Topics
4. P.K. Thomas: Inherited Neuropathies
5. JW Griffin: Regeneration
6. Jonathon Pembroke: Members from Australia-Asia. 
7. Professor Richard A.C. Hughes: Clinical Trial Prize for Excellence 

Q7: How can I apply for the Alan J. Gebhart Prize for Excellence?
A7: At the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting in Genoa, the fourth Alan J. Gebhart- Peripheral Nerve Society Prize for Excellence in Peripheral Nerve Research will be given. This Prize will be given to an established researcher in the field of peripheral nerve. The awardee must be a member of PNS in good standing for at least two years. The amount of the prize is $25,000. CV’s will be requested in December. 

Q8: Where is the 2019 PNS Annual Meeting Located?
A8: The PNS Annual Meeting will be located at the Centro Congressi - Porto Antico Di Genova. Address: Magazzini del Cotone, Modulo 5 - 1° piano, 16128 Genova GE, Italy


"This was my first PNS meeting and was very impressed! It was amazing to learn about groundbreaking work in hereditary neuropathies and the potential future treatments for hTTR amyloidosis and CMT. I specially enjoyed the presentations on the clinical trials that are starting or about the start and the possibility of being part of them! I hope to attend the meeting every year!"

— 2018 PNS Annual Meeting Delegate 

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