International Master: Peripheral Nervous System Disorder




University of Milan & IRCCS “Carlo Besta” Neurological Institute
Milan, Italy
Director: Giuseppe Lauria

The Master is delivered by the University of Milan in partnership with the Peripheral Nerve Society. The Master will provide the attendees with a complete update on the physiology and diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System. The students will acquire and deepen knowledge on the neurobiology and pathophysiology of acquired and inherited neuropathies, sensory and motor neuronopathies, autonomic disorders, neuromuscular junction diseases and neuropathic pain disorders, on the most innovative diagnostic approaches, and on disease-modifying and symptomatic treatments. The Master will provide 60 credits.

Who is the master for?
The programme is aimed at graduates in medicine and biology, PhD students and residents in neurology who wish to deepen their knowledge, expertise and research skills in Peripheral Nervous System disorders. The master will benefit medical graduates and biologists or those with equivalent qualification, who wish to develop a sub-specialty experience in this branch of the neurosciences. Additionally, this educational program is aimed at those wishing to develop a career within the expanding field of translational neuroscience either in the academy or in the industry.

How to apply, selection process and degree
Candidates are required to visit to submit their application. The application must include an updated CV (including a Skype account) and a personal statement for the participation in the Master. The deadline for the submission is 30 November. All the candidates will undergo an interview through Skype with the Faculty Board. Interviews will be planned between October 22 and November 23, 2018. The Master will accept 20 students. Additional 10 students from low and middle-income countries will be granted of an e-learning attendance, of which 5 will be supported through the PNS. Students must attend the entire course and pass the final exam, planned for March 2020, to attain the Master’s degree.

The Master will be held in the main building of the University of Milan, via Festa del Perdono, 5, Milan, Italy

Tuition fees
The tuition fee is 4,800 euros and includes educational material, personal website room, slides and recorded lessons, and coffee breaks. It does not include meals, travel and accommodation costs.  Students from low and middle-income countries will be granted of the e-learning attendance to the Master at a reduced cost.

The master is composed of 6 macromodules which cover the following areas: Structure development and function – Diagnostics – Pathophysiology, diagnosis, therapy, prognosis of acquired and inherited neuropathies – Functional assessment and rehabilitation – Pain – Pathophysiology, diagnosis, therapy, prognosis of motor neuron and neuromuscular junction diseases. Each macromodule includes specific topics. The theoretical lessons will be integrated with interactive sessions during which the students will test and improve their knowledge. Practical sessions are planned for the topics Clinical Neurophysiology and Autonomic Nervous System.

The Master will be led by 71 renowned neuroscientists, clinicians, geneticists, neurophysiologists and neuropathologists from USA and Europe. 

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