PNS Awards/Prizes

Each year the PNS presents five named lectures and provides a $750 prize to six Junior Members (under the age of 40) presenting abstracts as a tribute to luminaries in our field. The late Professor RP Bunge, Professor AK Asbury, Professor PJ Dyck, the late PK Thomas, Jonathan Pembroke, and the late Professor JW Griffin. Being chosen as a Plenary Speaker, or award winner is considered an honor and commemorates the contributions of previous leaders in the industry.

The Board of the Peripheral Nerve Society is proud to announce that the third Alan J. Gebhart - Peripheral Nerve Society Prize for Excellence in Peripheral Nerve Research will be given the 2018 Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. This Prize will be given to an established researcher in the field of peripheral nerve. The Awardee must be a member of the PNS in good standing for at least two years. The amount of the Prize is US $25,000, and will be used at the discretion of the Awardee. The Prize Committee will select the winner, who will be announced at the Closing Dinner. Prior applicants are encouraged to re-apply. To Apply: Complete this form and send it to Tanya at by Sunday, 24 June

Richard P. Bunge Lecture- Biology of Nerve (Established in 1997) 

1997: Mary B. Bunge
1999: Tony L. Yaksh
2001: Steven S. Scherer
2003: Gordan Lundborg
2005: Hugh J. Willison
2007: Ueli Suter

2009: James L. Salzer
2011: Marc Tessier- Lavigne
2013: Kristjan R. Jessen
2015: Matthew Rasband
2017: Elior (Ori) Peles






The Peter J. Dyck- Diabetes and Clinical Topics (Established in 2015) 

2015: David Bennet
2017: Gary Lewin









Arthur K. Asbury- GBS/ CIDP/ Inflammatory Neuropathy (Established in 2015)

2017: Isabella Ilya


P.K. Thomas Lecture- Inherited Neuropathies (Established in 2011) 

2011: Vincent Timmerman
2013: Steven S. Scherer
2015: Bart C. Jacobs
2017: Michael Coleman


The JW Griffin Award- Regeneration (Established in 2011)

2011: Clifford Woolf
2013: Patricia J. Armati
2015: Kelly Monk
2017: Jeff Milbrandt


The Jonathan Pembroke Award- Awarded to Participants in Australia-Asia 

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