Scientific Program Committee

Thank you to our Scientific Program Committee Members and Chairs for developing an outstanding 2018 Program! 

Carla Taveggia, PhD 

Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair 
Robert Baloh, PhD 
Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair 

  • John Svaren, PhD-  Madison, Wisconsin USA
  • Brian Wainger, MD, PhD -  Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  • Steven S. Scherer, MD, PhD, President - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pieter Van Doorn, MD, President- Elect - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Michael Polydefkis, MD, MHS Secretary/Treasurer - Baltimore, Maryland
  • Mary M. Reilly, MD, Past President - London, England
  • David Adams, MD - Le Kremlin Bicetre, France
  • Alessandra Bolino, PhD  - Milan, Italy
  • Chiara Briani, MD - Padova, Italy
  • Kazim Sheikh, MD- Houston, Texas
  • Ingemar Merkies, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Sathoshi Kuwabara, MD - Chiba, Japan
  • Richard Lewis, MD - Los Angeles, California
  • Davide Pareyson, MD- Milan, Italy
  • Chris Gibbons, MD- Baltimore, Maryland
  • David Cornblath, MD- Baltimore, Maryland
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