The Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) accepts nominations for three open at-large seats on the Board of Directors for a four-year term.  Below is the process for identifying and electing candidates of open at-large director seats.

  1. Send Call for Nominations to membership.
  2. Nominees must be nominated by two PNS members in good standing.
  3. The Board of Directors will meet to review the nominations and identify any additional candidates to add to the list.  Any member in good standing may run in the primary. 
  4. The Executive Office will contact the nominees to verify that individuals accept the nomination.
  5. The preliminary ballot including all standing nominations approved by the Board of Directors will be sent to membership for a vote. 
  6. The Nominating Committee will review the results and select candidates for each open seat.
  7. Half of the final candidates will be based on the top votes (i.e., if three candidates are needed, the top six candidates based on votes will automatically be placed on the ballot; if six candidates are needed, the top twelve candidates based on votes will automatically be placed on the ballot).  The remaining half will be selected by the Board of Directors taking into consideration the number of votes, profile of those already serving on the Board and other factors as deemed important by the Board of Directors. No additional candidates may be added at this point in the process.   
  8. Each candidate (chosen by the Board of Directors or standing in the primary election) will prepare a brief statement regarding their qualification and positions.  Letters of support may be provided.
  9. The names of all at-large candidates will be presented to the membership as an aggregate vote via an email ballot which will include the names of the candidates and their statements.  Those receiving the most votes from membership will become directors.  In the event of a tie for the last at-large position, the Executive Committee will vote among those tied by secret ballot.
  10. The new directors will be announced at the Business Meeting during the Annual Meeting.

Click here to view the PNS Board Member Roles & Responsibilities.  

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