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Inflammatory Neuropathy:

Inherited Neuropathies:

2012 Gap junctions in inherited human disorders of the central nervous system by Charles K. Abrams and Steven S. Scherer

2013 Similarities between Inherited Demyelinating Neuropathies and Wallerian Degeneration by Rudolf Martini, Dennis Klein, and Janos Groh

2015 Inherited Neuropathies by Vera Fridman and M. M. Reilly

2011 Overlapping molecular pathological themes link Charcot-Marie Tooth neuropathies and hereditary spastic paraplegias by Vinvent Timmerman, Virgina Clowes, and Evan Reid

Small Fibre Neuropathies:
2017 Small fibre neuropathy by Daniele Cazzato and Giuseppe Lauria

Diabetic Neuropathy:

Infectious Disease:




Systematic Reviews:

2017 Familial amyloid polyneuropathy by David Adams, Cecile Cauquil, and Celine Labeyrie

2016 New developments in Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy and related diseases by Davide Pareyson, Paola Saveri and Chiara Pisciotta

2017 Paraneoplastic neuropathies by Jean-Christophe Antoine and Jean-Phillippe Camdessanche 

2017 Guillain-Barre syndrome and Zike virus outbreaks by Osvaldo J.M. Nascimento and Ivan R.F. da Silva

2015 Mechanisms of distal axonal degeneration in peripheral neuropathies by Christopher R. Cashman and Ahmet Hoke

2013 Peripheral neuropathy in mitochondrial disorders by Davide Pareyson, Giuseppe Piscosquito, Isabella Moroni, Ettore Salsano, Massimo Zeviani

2012 Demyelinating prenatal and infantile developmental neuropathies by Eppie M. Yiu and Monique M. Ryan



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