Grant Opportunities

GBS • CIDP Foundation International 2021 Research grant opportunities

As part of the GBS • CIDP Foundation International’s mission to provide education and support research, we offer research grants to qualified applicants. Foundation interests include GBS, both demyelinating and axonal variants, Miller Fisher syndrome, CIDP, Multifocal Motor Neuropathy, and others. Research interests cover a broad range of subjects including development of methods to more rapidly diagnose these disorders, identification of mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis, development of more effective treatments to limit the disease process, prevent complications and reduce long-term adverse sequelae. Click here for further information on the grant opportunities available. For additional information or questions, please contact

Rita allen foundation award in pain

Since 2009, the Rita Allen Foundation has awarded annually the Rita Allen Foundation Award in Pain, recognizing emerging experts in basic pain research whose work holds high potential for uncovering new pathways to improve the treatment of chronic pain. Each year, the Foundation typically awards two grants, in the amount of $50,000 per year over three years, to early-career investigators who are pursuing innovative research on mechanisms that initiate and propagate pain in the nervous system. In 2019, three additional pain awards and in 2020 two additional pain awards were awarded by The Rita Allen Foundation with support from the Open Philanthropy Foundation. 

To be eligible for the Award in Pain, the applicant:

  • Must have received committed start-up funds and independent laboratory space from their institution.
  • Should be in the first three years of their appointment.
  • Should be appointed to a tenure track or equivalent position at their respective institution, but not have received tenure at the time of the application. (Senior postdocs and Associate Professors should not be applicants for the Award in Pain.)
  • Must conduct their research and be appointed at an institution in the United States or Canada.
  • Should demonstrate a commitment to the field of pain research

Application submission and detailed application guidelines and step-by-step instructions for completing the application can be found here: Application Guidelines. Please review these guidelines before applying. For additional questions, please contact

CMT4B3 Research foundation grant

Hunter’s CMT4B3 Research Foundation will grant awards to principal investigators, physician residents, hospitals, universities and clinicians who are interested in studying CMT4B3. Our grants are intended to help researchers explore novel ideas and answer questions related to the clinical aspects, therapies and/or genetic causes of CMT4B3. Research proposals will be carefully vetted by the Scientific Advisory Board. The Board evaluates each proposal based on the excellence of the investigator, the work plan and the environment, as well as the project’s ability to be translated into treatments for people with CMT4B3.  For more information on this opportunity, please click here.  Questions? Please contact Alessandra Bolino,  and  Robin Schultz,

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Opportunities:

AFM & GBS Grants - The NIAID, NINDS, and NICHD have jointly issued a Notice of Special Interest encouraging new applications and request for supplements to existing grants (competitive revisions or administrative supplements) to support basic, translational, and/or clinical research on the causes, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), and other acute neurological conditions. For more information, click here

Early Career Reviewer (ECR) Program - The program aims to help early career scientists become more competitive as grant applicants through first-hand experience with peer review and to enrich and diversify CSR’s pool of trained reviewers. Click here for more information.

U.S. Department of Defense Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program:

The Department of Defense maintains a Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program to support research across the full range of science and medicine, with an underlying goal of enhancing the health, care, and well-being of military service members, veterans, retirees, and their family members. Projects related to peripheral neuropathy are eligible to apply for funding through this program thanks to the partnership between the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy and key congressional partners. For more information, click here (projects including all forms of peripheral neuropathy are welcome to apply). 



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