One of the goals of the Peripheral Nerve Society is education and training of scientists and healthcare professionals. All our meetings begin with a free, half-day Education Course. The lectures include both basic science and clinical topics. To expand our Educational efforts, the PNS has created an Education Committee to facilitate interactions between the PNS and outside groups.

If you or your Organization would like to partner with the PNS in an Educational Activity, please complete the PNS Education Application (Application Coming Soon...) below, and we will be in touch with you.

Education Committee:

Eduardo Nobile-Orazio, chair
Jean-Marc Leger
Hugh Willison
Davide Pareyson
Mike Shy
Ale Bolino
Steve Scherer
Junior: Constantin de Y’dewalle, Andrea Cortese, Alex Rossor

Basic Science Subcommittee
David Bennett
Ale Bolino
Laura Feltri
Ahmet Hoke
Hugh Willison

Completed PNS Teaching Courses
American Academy of Neurology, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, April 2013.
World Congress of Neurology, Vienna Austria, September 2013.
First Regional Teaching Course on Neuropathy, Belgrade Serbia, April 2014.
ENS/EFNS Congress, Istanbul Turkey, June 2014.
13th International Congress on Neuromuscular Disorders, Nice France, July 2014.
American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Savanah Georgia, October 2014.
Future PNS Teaching Courses
American Academy of Neurology, starting 2014-2018.
European Academy of Neurology, Berlin Germany, June 2015.
World Congress of Neurology, Santiago Chile, November 2015.
South African Regional Congress of Neurology, Cape Town South Africa, March 2015.

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