PNS Board of Directors


Richard Lewis, MD
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Michael Polydefkis, MD, MHS
Johns Hopkins Medicine,
Baltimore, MD, USA


Laura Feltri, MD
State University of New York at Buffalo,
Buffalo, NY, USA


Pieter van Doorn, MD, PhD
Immediate Past President
Erasmus MC University Medical Center, 
Rotterdam, Netherlands



Board Members

Ahmet Hoke, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, MD, USA


Claudia Sommer, MD, PhD
University Hospital Würzburg,
Würzburg, Germany


Peter Van den Bergh, MD, PhD, FEAN, FAAN
University Hospital St-Luc,
Brussels, Belgium


Stefano C. Previtali, MD, PhD
IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute,
Milan, Italy


Charlotte Sumner, MD
Johns Hopkins Medicine,
Baltimore, MD, USA


Hugh Willison, MD, PhD
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow, UK


Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium (INC) Representative

Chiara Briani, MD
University of Padova,
Padova, Italy


International Diabetes Neuropathy Consortium (IDNC) Representative

Douglas Wright, PhD
University of Kansas Medical Center,
Kansas City, KS, USA


Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Related Neuropathies Consortium (CMTR) Representative

Stephan Zuchner, MD, PhD
University of Miami,
Miami, FL, USA


Neuropathic Pain Consortium (NPC) Representative

Cheryl L. Stucky, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin,
Milwaukee, WI, USA


Toxic Neuropathy Consortium (TNC) Representative

Guido Cavaletti, MD
University of Milano-Bicocco,
Monza (I), Milan, Italy


JPNS Editor in Chief

Giuseppe Lauria, MD
Carlo Besta Neurological Institute,
Milan, Italy


Board Advisor

David Cornblath, MD
Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, MD, USA

Junior Committee Representative

Kathryn Moss, PhD
Johns Hopkins University,
Baltimore, MD, USA


PNS Executive Office:
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