Officers of the Peripheral Nerve Society
Mary M. Reilly, MD, President - London, England
Steven S. Scherer, MD, PhD, President-Elect - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
David R. Cornblath, MD, Secretary/Treasurer - Baltimore, Maryland
Michael Polydefkis, MD, MHS, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer- Baltimore, Maryland

Board Members of the Peripheral Nerve Society
David Adams, MD - Le Kremlin Bicetre, France
Alessandra Bolino, PhD  - Milan, Italy
Chiara Briani, MD - Padova, Italy
Christopher Klein, MD - Rochester, Minnesota
Michael P.T. Lunn, MBBS, MRCP - London, England
Davide Pareyson, MD - Milan, Italy

Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium Representative: 
Richard Lewis, MD - Los Angeles, California

Charcot Marie Tooth and Related Neuropathies Consortium Representative:
Davide Pareyson, MD- MIlan, Italy


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