Thank you to the 2019 PNS Scientific Program Committee! 

  • John Svaren- Co-Chair (Madison, Wisconsin USA)
  • Ale Bolino- Co- Chair (Milan, Italy)
  • Steve Scherer,  President (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA) 
  • Pieter Van Doorn, President-Elect (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Mary Reilly, Immediate Past President (London, United Kingdom)
  • Michael Polydefkis, Secretary-Treasurer (Baltimore, Maryland USA)
  • Luis Querol, 2020 Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Charlotte Sumner, 2020 Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair (Baltimore, Maryland USA)
  • Ahmet Hoke (Baltimore, Maryland USA)
  • Gordon Smith (Salt Lake City, Utah USA)
  • Guido Cavaletti Toxic Neuropathy Consortium 'TNC' Chair (Milan, Italy)
  • Chris Gibbons International Diabetes Neuropathy Consortium 'IDNC' Chair (Boston, Massachusetts USA)
  • Nortina Shahrizalia Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium 'INC' Representative (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Chiara Briani Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium 'INC' Representative (Padova, Italy)
  • Davide Pareyson Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Related Neuropathies 'CMTR' Chair (Milan, Italy)
  • Amanda Peltier Prize Committee Co-Chair (Brentwood, Tennessee USA)
  • Giuseppe Lauria Prize Committee Co-Chair (Milan, Italy)


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