International Diabetes Neuropathy Consortium (IDNC)
Special Interest Group of the Peripheral Nerve Society

Mission: To cure diabetic neuropathy through promoting 1) research, 2) education and 3) high quality patient-centered care.


  • To promote clinical and basic science research to eluciadate the pathophysiology of diabetic neuropathies and facilitate and support high quality clinical trials in order to develop effective preventative and therapeutic approaches.
  • To promote collaborative interaction between basic, translational and clinical scientists and clinicians to develop guidelines, outcome measures and collaboration with stakeholder organizations.


  • To promote scientific and clinical education for basic translational and clinical scientists, clinicians, and other health professionals in diabetes related neuropathies.


  • To promote standards of care and quality of care internationally.
  • To develop guidelines, outcome measures, and clinical trials both independently and in collaboration with other stakeholder organizations.
  • To work with patient advocacy and support/STAKEHOLDER organizations pursue the IDNC mission and goals

Membership of IDNC
To join the IDNC, you must first join the PNS. There is no additional charge to join the IDNC. On the PNS online application form select IDNC from the list of special interest group(s) you wish to join.  If you are already a PNS member, log in to your membership profile and update your SIGs to include IDNC. By joining the IDNC, you will gain access to the leading international network of clinicians and scientists working in diabetic neuropathy. You will receive emails sent only to IDNC members about relevant news and updates. 

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