The IDNC’s mission is to cure diabetic neuropathy through promoting 1) research, 2) education and 3) high quality patient-centered care.

Goals of the IDNC are the following:
A) To promote clinical and basic science research to eluciadate the pathophysiology of diabetic neuropathies and facilitate and support high quality clinical trials in order to develop effective preventative and therapeutic approaches.

B) To promote collaborative interaction between basic, translational and clinical scientists and clinicians to develop guidelines, outcome measures and collaboration with stakeholder organizations.

To promote scientific and clinical education for basic translational and clinical scientists, clinicians, and other health professionals in diabetes related neuropathies.

To promote standards of care and quality of care internationally.
To develop guidelines, outcome measures, and clinical trials both independently and in collaboration with other stakeholder organizations.
To work with patient advocacy and support/STAKEHOLDER organizations pursue the IDNC mission and goals

The IDNC will:
1. Hold a special IDNC session within the PNS annual meeting open to all PNS members.
2. Have the option of holding additional IDNC meetings outside of the PNS to support the Mission.
3. Maintain membership open to all PNS members, and encourage attendance of non-members interested in diabetes related neuropathies.

IDNC Constitution: Board Composition

The IDNC will have an elected board comprising a Chair, a Vice-Chair, Past-Chair, a Secretary, and a maximum of 16 members at large.  
The Chair of the IDNC will attend the PNS Board calls and meetings.
The Chair and Vice-Chair will be elected for a two-year non-renewable term in the same position. After two years, the Vice-Chair will assume the Chair position without further election. After the end of the term, the Chair will have a position in the Board as Past-Chair for two years.
Four new Board Ordinary Members will be elected every two years, for a four-year term.
Board Ordinary Members are allowed to stand for two consecutive terms but to stand for further years they need a break of at minimum two years.
The Secretary is elected for a two- year term which is renewable just once. 

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