The Peripheral Nerve Society's Special Interest Group (SIG) Requirements: 

Due to the peripheral nerve system having vast specialties under its domain, the Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) allows special interest groups (SIGS) to form as a consortium under the Society.

Each SIG will be considered as a standing committee of the PNS. They will receive PNS Board representation. The Chair of the SIG will serve as a non-voting member of the PNS Board for a maximum of 4 (four) years. They will have the opportunity to meet and reserve space during the PNS Annual Meeting and be featured on the PNS website.

Below are the steps and requirements that interested specialty groups must complete prior to being considered a SIG of the PNS:

  • Write a letter of request to the PNS Board asking to be considered as a SIG of the PNS. This letter must include the number of current members and details explaining why the sub group should be formed.
  • Submit a Mission and Constitution to the PNS Board verifying the SIG’s commitment and contribution the SIG would have to the Society.
  • Develop a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary to aid in running the SIG group. Develop a nominations process with the help of the PNS Executive Office in order to form your Board.
  • All members of the PNS may join the SIG upon request. All members of the SIG must pay membership dues through PNS.

Please visit www. for examples of SIG constitutions, nomination processes and more. For further inquiries, assistance, or examples please reach out to the PNS Executive Office at

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