Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Related Neuropathies Consortium (CMTR) – Special Interest Group of the Peripheral Nerve Society

Mission: To improve the life of patients with hereditary neuropathies by advancing care, promoting research and training of clinicians, basic scientists and other health professionals interested in inherited neuropathies.  This will be achieved by focusing on three areas; care, research and education.

CMTR Aims:


  • To promote standards of care and quality of care internationally.
  • To develop guidelines, outcome measures, and clinical trials.
  • To work with patients’ organizations to improve care and develop therapies for patients.


  • To promote basic science and clinical research towards understanding normal and diseased peripheral nerve function and ultimately aiming at developing therapies for patients.


  • To train basic scientists, clinician scientists and clinicians and other health professionals in hereditary neuropathies.
  • To provide continuing education for those practicing and to encourage the interaction between basic scientists and clinicians for the benefit of patients.

The CMTR will:
1. Hold an annual special session within the PNS open to all PNS members.
2. Have the option of holding further separate CMTR meetings if necessary.
3. Maintain membership open to all PNS members and anybody else interested in hereditary neuropathies.

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