Are you interested in getting advice from peripheral nerve clinicians and researchers? Sign up for the career development lunch on Saturday 12 June 2021 from 12.00 – 13.00 EDT (US/Canada) to virtually discuss funding opportunities, career paths, and more in a small group setting with senior experts in the peripheral nerve field. Registration is FREE but limited to PNS Junior Members only. 

The Purpose of the Career Development Lunch is to:
* Provide an inviting atmosphere for Junior Members at the PNS. 
* Share career development suggestions and personal stories. 
* Share ideas with your peers.
* Meet others who do the same thing you do (i.e., network).
* Address “nuts and bolts” issues and solutions to problems.
* Discover resources and how to access them.

Data Privacy/GDPR
We host events throughout the year, including our annual conference, webinars, and trainings (collectively “events”). If you are a member and register for one of our events, we will access the information in your member account to provide you with information and services associated with the event. If you are not a member and you register for one of our events, we will collect your name and contact information, which we will store in our database and use to provide you with information and services associated with the event. If you are a presenter at one of our events, we will collect information about you including your name, employer and contact information, and photograph, and we may also collect information provided by event attendees who evaluated your performance as a presenter. As an attendee, speaker, or sponsor/exhibitor, we will keep a record of your participation to provide you with post-event information including details on upcoming events you may be interested in. Your contact information may be shared via an event mobile app or attendee list as part of your participation in the event.

PNS Event Code of Conduct
The PNS leadership and staff are committed to providing a vibrant learning environment at all of our events, welcoming people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. We expect our events to be a respectful, harassment-free environment for people of all races, gender and trans statuses, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and beliefs. We’re grateful that our community is positive, friendly and supportive of one another — it’s what makes our meetings such a draw each year. In that spirit, the staff, supporters, volunteers, attendees and speakers at PNS events are expected to:

  • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
  • Restrict selling to the Expo Hall, where our sponsors pay for the opportunity to share information about their company, products, and services.
  • Keep conversations professional, respectful and consider other parties’ points of view.

Questions/Technical Assistance
If you experience technical difficulties or need assistance during the registration process, please contact the PNS Executive Office at info@PNSociety.com. 

PNS Executive Office:
5841 Cedar Lake Road · Suite 204 | Minneapolis, MN 55416 | +1.952.545.6284 | info@PNSociety.com

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