2015 PNS Biennial Meeting

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

June 28 - July 2

Welcome to the updated website for the 2015 PNS Biennial Meeting. Please check back for more updates.

The 2015 PNS meeting will be 5 days. Preceding the main meeting will be a 4 hour teaching course on Saturday 27 June from 1300-1700. Six excellent talks are planned by leading experts (please note time change). The Opening Reception will be Saturday 27 June at 1900. The next 3.5 days from 0830 Sunday 28 June to 1200 Wednesday 1 July will be as previous PNS meetings with a mix of invited Plenary talks, Oral Presentations, 3 minute Oral Poster presentations, poster sessions and 5 Symposia. The PNS Business meeting for PNS members will be 0730-0830 Tuesday 30 June. Voting for President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Board members will occur until 1800 29 June 2015. Ballots will be in your delegate bags at Registration. The last 1.5 days from 1330 Wednesday 1 July to 1700 Thursday 2 July will be devoted to CMT presentations. 

The final Program can be downloaded by clicking the View the Meeting Program button. ALL ABSTRACTS WERE ACCEPTED. Please search for your abstract in the program to find your presentation type and their place during the meeting. Those with oral presentations of either type should have their PowerPoint slides to the AV people 24 hours in advance. We strongly discourage you using your own computer for your talk.

Oral Presentations are listed as Platform 1, 2 etc. These are 10 minute talks followed by 5 minutes of questions. 

Oral Poster Presentations are listed as Oral Poster 1, 2, etc. Abstracts selected for this will have both a 3 minute oral presentation plus a poster on the same day. Since the oral poster presentation sessions are tightly scheduled, the Chairs will be very strict and cut speakers off at 3 minutes and discussion off at 2 minutes. Oral Poster speakers must use the PNS PowerPoint template of 3 slides (attached) which will allow the important material from your abstract to be presented in 3 minutes. Those with Oral Posters should come to the front row of the Lecture Hall at the start of their session and sit in order of their talks. The pace for these sessions is fast but fun.

View and Download Oral Poster Template

Posters are listed as Posters 1, 2, etc. by day. Please put up your poster in the morning before 0830 and remove them after dinner. Posters will be portrait style and size A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm).

Registration is one rate for the entire meeting. There will be no daily rate available. Once you register you will have breakfast, box lunch and reception/dinner at the main Hotel, Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, as part of your registration. You must have your registration badge to obtain these free meals.

We have reserved hotel rooms at the main Hotel, Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, where all events will take place. The Hotel is nearly full but rooms are still available for selected nights especially Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The room rate is CN$169/night. If you do not have Hotel reservations yet, please call the Hotel directly for reservations (Canada & USA: 1-800-463-4467 and Outside Canada & USA: +1-418-827-1862) or click on their link http://groups.iqrez.com/Chateaumont-ste-anne/158/. 

Meals at the main Hotel will offer meat or fish and a limited number of vegetarian meals. If you have other dietary issues, please contact the Hotel directly.

Shuttle Service is arranged and hopes to accommodate those who gave us their flight information on PNS-sponsored shuttles.  If you have not signed up for the shuttle, you may be able to get on the bus but you will be charged for the ride. The schedule is a below.  Shuttle service from the surrounding hotels is part of this and is timed to get you the main hotel for free breakfast. Anyone staying in Quebec City itself will need to make their own arrangements as it is 1-2 hours away.

Travel Grants: The Board of Directors of the PNS has approved a generous number of Travel Grants. Everyone who requested a Travel Grant who does not have an alternate source of funding will receive free registration. You must officially register to receive a ravel grant.  In addition, those from USA and Canada will get a travel stipend depending on their abstract selection: for those with a Poster US$250; for those with an Oral Poster US$500; and for those with an Oral Presentation US$750.  For those outside the USA and Canada, those with a Poster will receive US$250; those with an Oral Poster will receive US$750; and for those with an Oral Presentation US$1000.  

Travel grantees will need two forms which will also be in your bags. Please complete the Trainee Fellowship 2015 form. If you prefer a wire transfer, please also complete the Intl Wire Transfer Request Form. The likely fee to receive your money by wire will be US$60 not the US$40 listed.  This form is complex (for non-bankers) and must be filled out correctly. Please stop by your bank to get help as any wrong number will delay the wire. Your home address is required on this form as well. DO NOT sign the form.

The official website for the City is http://www.quebecregion.com/en/.

The PNS will not sponsor CME for the meeting as the number asking for CME is small compared to the effort and cost.

After the Presidential Lecture at 1900 Tuesday 30 June, we will announce the winner of the Alan J. Gebhart - Peripheral Nerve Society Prize for Excellence in Peripheral Nerve Research, the winner of the Mazawey Fellowship (a 3 year Fellowship to study anti-MAG neuropathy), and the Asbury, Dyck, Griffin, Pembroke Prizes. The Thomas Prize will be announced at dinner Thursday 2 July.

Thanks and see you in Canada: Amber Millen, Colin Chalk, David Cornblath, and Michael Shy