Peripheral Nerve Society

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The Peripheral Nerve Society

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The Peripheral Nerve Society

The Peripheral Nerve Society is an international organization of physicians and scientists working together to develop and provide the best treatments for people who have peripheral nerve diseases. This goal is realized by cooperation - supporting research, training scientists and healthcare professionals, setting standards of care, creating new treatments, and facilitating clinical trials.

The Peripheral Nerve Society was founded in 1994, having evolved from two groups of academic investigators interested in understanding the basic biology and function of the peripheral nervous system - the nature of nerve injury and repair. These groups met periodically in closed meetings to discuss advances in this understanding and how this knowledge might be applied to care for patients with genetic, traumatic, toxic, or metabolic nerve disease. The interests of our members encompass all aspects of the peripheral nervous system, both clinical and scientific, and range from electrophysiologic tools for diagnosis to molecular mechanisms of disease and nerve fiber regeneration. The Society is incorporated, and open to general membership by those interested in the peripheral nervous system and its diseases. DOWNLOAD application for PNS MEMBERSHIP. Complete the application form and fax to the Executive Secretary.

International Inflammatory Neuropathy Corsortium
The INC is a Standing Committee of the PNS with scheduled meetings and specific goals for education, treatment and research of the inflammatory neuropathies.
International Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium

2014 PNS / INC Conference

July 13-16, 2014 Düsseldorf, Germany

Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf

* Abstract Deadline - March 31st, 2014
* Registration Deadline - June 1st, 2014

Dusseldorf, Germany

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GBS CIDP Foundation International

Benson Clinical Research Fellowship 2014

The GBS CIDP Foundation International is pleased to announce a competition for the first Benson Clinical Research Fellowship. The aim of the scheme is to provide funds (up to $150k per year for three years) to enable clinicians or non­clinical scientists in training or having recently completed training to engage in a substantial research project in the field of inflammatory neuropathy at a centre or centres of excellence. Preference will be given to candidates who intend to pursue a long­term career in this field. Applicants should obtain application forms from Camille Yee at Camille.Yee@gbs­ Completed forms should be submitted by email to Camille Yee at Camille.Yee@gbs­ by midnight EST Friday, June 20, Short­listed candidates may be required to make a presentation to the 13th International Symposium of the GBS CIDP Foundation International Friday, Oct. 31, 2014 ­ Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, at Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

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